Plesk obsidian 18.0.31 exploit

Microsoft Windows Server in its default configuration has a critical vulnerability, that can cause an escalation of privileges if a server is compromised. In a context of multi-tenant Plesk use shared hosting this allows a Plesk client to upload special scripts in their subscription to obtain Administrator privileges for the server.

No, this is a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Server. Microsoft does not offer hardening recommendations for versions of Windows Server prior to due to architectural implementation in operating systems. Plesk recommends updating the installation to Plesk Obsidian The security was improved in this version.

The improvements include measures against this vulnerability. Note: The server restart is required for changes to take effect. These changes will mitigate the vulnerability, and existing exploits will not work anymore. Note: The notification in Plesk is not hidden automatically after applying the solution.

To hide it, click I got it and understand the risk. However, it may be used by hosted websites, and this action may somehow affect their functionality. If any issues in the infrastructure not related to Plesk occur after applying the workaround, contact Microsoft directly.

How to change resources limits of any web hosting account in Plesk?

We can not disable DCOM because a lot of asp. As far as I know, there's no such workaround. To clarify this, I suggest contacting Microsoft Technical Support. Hello, I'm the co-author of "JuicyPotato". So the only "workaround" is to protect sensitive accounts and applications if you don't upgrade to Windows server. I recommend you email all your customers ASAP informing them to do full server backups as it seems to be a huge attack recently.

Our first Windows R2 server was affected yesterday but luckily we do regular server level backups every few days and could restore what was affected by using it. Hence we will be informing customers are are moving them urgently to new Windows Server Servers. We hence recommend all web hosts offering any shared windows hosting no matter what web panel you use to do urgently aswell.

Note if you have a extra backup drive attached as local storage to plesk servers they hack and encrypt the backups aswell.After connecting Plesk mail account to Outlook, it returns any of the following error messages after syncing:.

Courier-IMAP 5. Hi Brian Essig.

It is supposed to be fixed in the version you are using, so something is missing here. We would like to look into this issue closely. My best guess is that the panel and associated rpm's updated on the server but thier running instance was never restarted so it was still technically running the old version as the running processes.

Once I did this my problems went away. The thing is, that the Outlook-error-messages just started a few days ago, so how would you explain this to an end-customer, if NOTHING at customer-side changed??? We've had a few customers contacted technical support.

This issue is currently under investigation by RnD because the bug from this article was resolved earlier. The issue might be a new bug.

plesk obsidian 18.0.31 exploit

If there will be new confirmed bug, we'll prepare a new article. The info about resolved bugs for each Plesk update is available here. Same issue here after an upgrade from Onyx to Obsidian through Plesk staff. System good elsewise, but reports coming in from Outlook users with the same issue as Brian Essig describes it.

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Very likely a new bug. I have same problem if I input UTF8 letter to sender description.

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Our current plesk version I tried restarting IMAP server but the problem cannot be resolved. Please sign in to leave a comment.Please choose the corresponding number to call or use your preferred language. You will be required to provide opened ticket ID in order to connect to support representative.

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plesk obsidian 18.0.31 exploit

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter klarlichter Start date Nov 8, Tags Hello, I am a bit confused. If I run by command line the following: Code:. Last edited: Nov 8, IgorG Forums Analyst Staff member.

CVE-2020-13166: myLittleAdmin vulnerability

Try to run Code:. I have the same problem: Code:. Downloading file products. Downloading file plesk. Downloading file ppsmbe. Downloading file sitebuilder. Downloading file sso. Downloading file php Downloading file setemplates. Downloading file pp-sitebuilder. Downloading file billing. Downloading file mysql. Downloading file apache.Connect to the server via RDP. Note: Consider updating Plesk to the latest version as since For Plesk Onyx I guess I'm the first victim of this exploit One of my servers was hacked a few hours ago.

Attacker uploaded a file named psf. Created an account administrators, disabled firewall and I have tested on one of my servers - Generating a new Machine Key in IIS appears to resolve this exploit - steps to reproduce:. I am unable to do any changes. Any help here? Basically it is enough just to remove machineKey like article suggests without generating it again. We plan to deliver automatic fix in upcoming update for MyLitteltAdmin in Plesk. Thanx for the heads up.

We removed the machine key from our windows plesk servers' MyLittleAdmin. Using the MS Management Studio instead is not an option, as we don't provide direct access to our DB servers from the internet.

The workaround will be implemented for Plesk installations automatically for the following Plesk versions:. Please sign in to leave a comment. What can be done to improve it? Plesk repair fs utility fails on Plesk Obsidian Applicable to: Plesk for Windows. Iman GM May 27, Comment actions Permalink. Ivan Postnikov May 28, Sysadmins June 05, Tim Aplin June 05, Keep an eye out and we hope you can join us. My positions have included deputy editor and executive editor of MIT Technology Review and technology editor for the Associated Press.

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plesk obsidian 18.0.31 exploit

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